Tagging News 32

Tagging News 32

  Monday, 2020/01/20

"Please see the 32nd edition of the Tagging News (results from 2018). "

Please see the 32nd edition of the Tagging News (results from 2018) here.


As many of you are aware we had some website issues late last year which delayed us in releasing the Tagging News to you before the end of 2019, and for this we apologize. Please note that you can expect the 33rd edition of the Tagging News (results from 2019) to be released later this year as well.


Nonetheless,  we hope that you enjoy this exciting edition which shows some very interesting catch trends with some new species making their way into the top 10 list. We also had an exciting fight for top tagger in 2018 which was decided by a mere 7 tags. This edition also has some interesting articles on the new MPAs that have been proclaimed, the largest giant kingfish aggregation on record, and movement patterns of the giant guitarfish.


Happy reading and tight lines.